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MO legislative update on transportation funding

Missouri_State_Capitol_BuildingThe MO Senate Transportation Committee voted SB 540 out of committee this week. The bill increases the fuel tax two cents per year over the next three years.  MoDOT and supporters of the bill stress the need for this legislation in order to continue to draw down federal matching dollars and to eliminate the necessity for the proposed 325 Program.  This bill does not include funding for transit or other alternative modes of transportation – only roads and bridges.

 SB 540 was turned in on Wednesday evening so the bill could be taken up for perfection as early as next week.

In Senate Appropriations, Senators Kurt Schaefer and Mike Kehoe led the discussion on increasing funding in the transit assistance program.  The House included $500,000 in increased funding in HB 4 and the Senate Committee increased the amount to $1 million.  If this amount is not changed when the bill is debated on the Senate floor, the differences in funding will be negotiated in conference committee and will be between a $500,000 and $1m increase.  



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