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Miami’s Liberty City Transit Village Revitalization Effort underway; increase ridership for transit hub

A new $54 million transit-oriented development project in Miami’s Liberty City community will take up about one block of the neighborhood and will include restaurants, retail, housing, a theater, and a bus transfer center with five different bus routes that will connect the development to downtown Miami as well as the city’s Metrorail system. Of the housing, more than 160 apartments within the complex will qualify as affordable housing. Local officials are hoping the TOD project will revitalize the Liberty City neighborhood, which has faced a number of problems and setbacks over the last few decades, including construction of an interstate highway in the 1970s that devastated pedestrian accessibility, riots in the 1980s, and questionable developer practices in previous attempts to transit_village_smallrehabilitate the area.

Another similar and recent TOD project in Miami, in the Brownsville neighborhood not far from Liberty City, has resulted in a 30 percent ridership increase for the transit hub it is centered around. The Brownsville Transit Village was built where a Metrorail commuter parking lot once stood and has proven to be a much more transit-oriented, urban, and economically viable alternative.

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