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MetroLink Secure Platform Plan Moves Forward as Phased Approach

At the Bi-State Board of Commissioners’ Safety and Security Meeting this morning, discussion centered on moving the MetroLink Secure Platform Plan forward in a phased approach.  According to Kevin Scott, Bi-State General Manager of Public Safety, this will allow the project to move forward expeditiously with phased packages of stations and the opportunity for lessons learned from each phase.   The first phase will include four stations:  JJK, Emerson Park, Washington Park and Southwestern Illinois College.

According to the project manager HNTB’s Mark Grossenbacher, with smaller subsets of stations it will be easier to work through any issues that may arise.  The goal is for the first RFP for construction to be let in July or August with actual construction beginning this fall.  As the first set of bid documents is issued for phase 1, the design team would then move on to the next set of stations.   For the first phase, the goal is four to six months for construction with opening of in Q1 of 2024.

In addition, another benefit of this process is the smaller construction packages also allow for more contractor opportunities.

Public Open Houses will be held for rider input as soon as early summer on the project itself.

According to Scott, “The most visible accomplishment to date on the program has been the opening of our Real-Time Camera Center.  This is the significant pivot point in turning our CCTV program from reactive to proactive. The Center is now fully operational 24/7 and will be complimented by the relocation of our Public Safety Dispatch consoles to an adjacent room, so the totality of our operation is positioned together but with separate and defined roles and responsibilities.”

As part of the CCTV improvements, Metro Transit has hired a CCTV/Dispatch Manager who is now hiring two additional technicians, to bolster daily inspections of the equipment and prioritize repairs our upgrades.

In August, the Bi-State Board of Commissioners approved a contract to HNTB for $6,948,587 for professional engineering services for the MetroLink Secure Platform Plan.   The Bi-State Board voted unanimously to move the contract forward.  The HNTB team includes the following sub-contractors:

  • KAI Enterprises to provide architectural integration of the fare collection system, fencing and other aspects of the project.
  • ABNA Engineering, Inc. will provide topographic surveying services as required.
  • Custom Engineering, Inc. will provide electrical engineering and design services.
  • Kivindyo Engineering Services, LLC will provide utility coordination services.
  • Code Consultants, Inc. will provide code compliance, fire protection, life safety and accessibility.

The Secure Platform Plan encompasses gates, fencing, and cameras for the 39  MetroLink stations throughout the region.   Financial support for this project includes funding from St. Louis County, City of St. Louis, and St. Clair County Transit District.   Private donations total more than $10 million towards cost of this project.   In addition, federal stimulus funds will be utilized as well.

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