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MetroLink Monitor Volunteer needed for Lambert Airport East Terminal MetroLink Station

Citizens for Modern Transit has a volunteer position open for a MetroLink Monitor at the Airport Terminal #2 (East Terminal) MetroLink Station.

The MetroLink Monitor Program was established as part of the efforts of the Riders’ Advocate Airport EastCommittee at CMT to monitor the quality and condition of stations along the MetroLink alignment. Volunteers observe and record conditions at each of the 37 MetroLink stations and report their findings to CMT on a monthly basis.

CMT is currently looking for a new volunteer monitor for the Airport Terminal #2 (East Terminal) MetroLink Station. If you take MetroLink regularly or live or work in the area, this would be a perfect opportunity to get involved in transit improvement efforts in the community! Volunteers receive two MetroLink 2-hour passes each month, along with a list of items to check up on at each station.

If interested, please contact CMT at or give us a call at 314-231-7272.

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