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MetroLink Fare Audits Show 91% Fare Compliance to Date in 2024

Metro Transit’s contract security team, Allied Universal, has released the results of the most recent MetroLink fare audit of 2024. Starting on February 13th and ending on February 19th, security officers made contact with 4,073 riders on the system and performed a fare check. Of the 4073, more than 3690 individuals did have valid fare, a compliance rate of approximately 91%.

The compliance rate of past audits has typically hovered around 95%.

The Fare audit program was initiated in May 2023. The randomized fare audit program occurs at different times of day across MetroLink station platforms and trains in Missouri and Illinois. Each rider may be checked for proof of fare on the platform before boarding or on the train after boarding.

In 2023, 1,545 audits took place with a compliance rate of 95%. So far in 2024, 797 audits have taken place with a compliance rate of 91%.

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