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Metro Transit to Invest in Scheduling Software, Phone Upgrades and ADA Accessibility

According to a recent statement from Metro Transit, to help boost the reliability of their service and better serve the community, investments are coming to some of the internal systems while at the same time continuing to build the operator workforce.

To further improve our service, Metro Transit will be investing in three major areas:

  1. Scheduling Software: Upgrading the existing scheduling software (known as Trapeze).  Status: Upgrade work on cheduling software has already begun.
  2. Phone System:  Enhancing the phone bank systems to handle peak system demands. Status: The IT and Call-A-Ride leadership teams are working to address the phone system.  Metro Transit will also allocate the necessary financial and personnel resources to facilitate these phone system upgrades.
  3. ADA Consultant: Metro Transit leadership and ADA Services Department are currently working to engage an outside consultant to review ADA accessibility across Metro Transit, recommend changes/enhancements and assist with developing an overall plan of execution.

These investments will be funded within the agency’s normal budget capacity.

More information  will be forthcoming from the agency as it becomes available.



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