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Latest Transit Security Scorecard Released

Phase II of the MetroLink System-Wide Assessment led by East-West Gateway Council of Governments will wrap up later this winter. The initial study generated 99 recommendations for improvements on the system.  As a part of Phase II of the study, a security report card has been created to track progress on the 99 recommendations and provide metrics around the safety program.  East-West Gateway has released the first two report cards on their website . The original scorecard was published in September, 2019, and quarterly updates will be completed by EWG moving forward.

The study recommendations were down into six categories:

  • Security Strategy
  • Police/Security Staffing
  • Procedures and Training
  • Fare and Fare Enforcement
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Technology

Bi-State Development has been working closely with East-West Gateway, local law enforcement and the consulting team, WSP, on Phase II towards implementation of many of the items.  Several security items are moving to implementation in the next couple of months including:

  • New contract security team to be on board on April 1 – Bi-State Board approved contract at December meeting.
  • New high visibility uniforms for security officers.
  • More law enforcement officers on the system through use of secondary officers,  and
  • One radio channel for security.

Downloads of the full scorecards are available below:

The recommendations document and other supporting documents from Phase 1 can be viewed below or visit the East-West Gateway Council of Governments website for more details.

This includes other documents from Phase I of the study.


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