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Metro Transit Continues to Move Needle on Call-A-Ride Service

Metro Transit recently released an update on ongoing efforts to upgrade Metro Call-A-Ride Service.  Below are updates on several areas of the service.

Telephone System Optimization: Metro continues to focus on two areas of improvement within the Call-A-Ride phone system—usability and reporting.


  • Over the past weeks, the IT team has been working to improve call efficiency by reallocating existing Bi-State Development phone lines to effectively increase the call capacity for Call-A-Ride.
  • On February 19, 2024, Metro Transit launched a streamlined phone system. This single-entry point, reachable at 314-982-1505, allows customers to select the service they require easily.
  • A new phone provider will be in place by May 2024, which will result in more phone lines and increased capacity.


Reservations and Dispatching Software:  Metro is working on final terms for an upgrade to the reservations and scheduling software. The goal is to execute the new software by the end of 2024.


ADA Accessibility Enhancements: In conjunction with Metro’s ADA consultant (ADA Guru), they are taking a holistic long-term approach to ensuring the system is accessible. They anticipate actionable recommendations to be shared with you by Spring 2024.


Efficient Subscription Trips: Metro is working to identify opportunities for pre-booking regular trips for customers who regularly book 5+ days per week to and from the same destination. Priority will be given to established customers who incur few or no infractions and whose trips can be combined with others to maximize operational efficiencies.


Additional Updates:


E-Fare Adoption: The E-Fare system’s user base is growing with over 5,000 tickets activated through the Transit App by our Call-A-Ride patrons. For information, users can reach out to with “Send me info” in the subject line.


Growing Our Workforce: Metro Transit now has 128 Call-A-Ride operators and need another 73 as of January 31, 2024, and are actively recruiting more. They are currently in contract negotiations with Union partners with the objective of enhancing wages and benefits to better attract and retain qualified operators. They made 71 offers at the February hiring event. The next hiring event is scheduled for March 9 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Illinois MetroBus facility at 801 North 47th Street in East St. Louis. They have increased the size of the training team dedicated to Call-A-Ride to accommodate larger class sizes. The $5,000 hiring incentive has been extended until March 31, 2024. Visit to learn more.


On the Way with ADA Program: ADA paratransit customers are invited to enjoy free access to MetroLink and MetroBus, provided they have an On the Way with ADA Gateway Card. Reach out to our ADA Services team at (314) 982-1510 or for support or to participate.

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