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Metro Transit Announces New Operating Plan Post Single-Car MetroLink Pilot

Metro Transit announced it will implement a new operating plan on Monday, December 4, which will include periods of two-car service, single-car service and single-car boarding.  Metro says this new operating plan follows the conclusion of the single-car MetroLink Pilot which began on October 2 to evaluate the potential benefits.

New operating plan includes the following:

  • During weekdays, two-car trains will be in operation on the Red and Blue Lines from the beginning of service until 8 p.m.
  • During weekday evenings after 8 p.m., MetroLink customers must board the front train car. The rear car will be closed, and customers will not be able to board it.
  • During weekends, MetroLink will operate single-car trains all day on Saturday and Sunday.
  • MetroLink will operate two-car service during weekday evenings and weekends if needed when there are large events in downtown St. Louis or other instances of high ridership.

According to Metro, the single-car pilot highlighted there are public safety benefits during low ridership periods to use single-car trains.

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