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Metro to look at fare increase for July

Metro’s Board of Commissioners will be looking at the possibility of raising fares this coming summer in accordance with their long range plan that requires 5 percent fare increases every other year. The purpose is to keep pace with inflation however Metro has not raised fares since January 1, 2009.

“Metro has held its fares constant since 2009. There are not many items that I can think of in this economy whose prices have not gone up in that same timeframe.  Metro is faced with the cost of rising fuel prices just like all of us.  Even though fares may go up this summer, using MetroLink and MetroBus will still be a significantly more affordable option than driving.

 Just think at the current price of gas, a Metro monthly pass is equilavent to purchasing 17 gallons of gas. There are not many people who can survive on just 17 gallons of gas for a full month of commuting,” said Kim Cella, CMT Executive Director. 

Look for upcoming public hearings in April to discuss the fare increases.

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