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Metro looking at fare increase for FY2015

Metro Bus IMageMetro is looking at a possible fare increase for FY2015 with a goal of increasing revenues to maintain current service levels.   This fare increase will focus on Metro passes.  Current MetroBus ($2.00) and Call-A-Ride ($4.00) one ride cash fares will remain the same.

There are three options on the table for fare increases.   Two of the three options would increase the price of the MetroLink cash fare from $2.25 to $2.50.  Other options include raising the monthly pass fare from $72 to $78 or $80 depending on option selected.  The monthly pass allows for an unlimited amount of rides on the system once this fare option is purchased.

The current semester pass is $150.  Recommendations for an increase range from $165-$175 depending on increase option choice.   Weekly pass increases suggested could go from $25 to $26, $27 or $28.  Metro expects increases in fare to generate approximately $2.25 million in additional revenues.   Public meetings will be held in March and April to discuss the fare increases and provide the opportunity for the public to comment.


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