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Metro Launches New Pilot Program with Lyft to Offer $1 Rides to Bus and Transit Connections Commuters

Metro Transit has partnered with Lyft on a new pilot program to help passengers connect with the Metro Transit system. Transit customers who live in one of eight preselected areas in the St. Louis region will be able to use a Lyft code for rides to or from a nearby Metro Transit Center or high-frequency MetroBus route for just $1 a ride.

To be eligible for the pilot program, transit users must start or end their $1 Lyft ride within 500 feet of the preselected corridors in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. These corridors were chosen for the pilot program based on customer feedback and because of their distance from current Metro Transit options. Discounted Lyft rides are only available to make connections between these areas and Metro transit centers or MetroBus stops.

“Metro Transit is key to the future of mobility in St. Louis because it is affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly,“ said Joe Schlichter, Lyft General Manager, St. Louis. “Lyft’s on-demand rides are a great first- and last-mile option, and we’re hopeful this integrated, multimodal partnership will provide a new transportation solution for our community.”

To take advantage of the program, Metro riders should call 314-231-2345 or text 314-207-9786 to determine if they are eligible for the program and to receive the special code. Customers can enter their code in the ‘promos’ section of the Lyft App, and the discount will automatically be applied on eligible Lyft rides. Riders must have or purchase a valid fare to continue their rides on MetroLink or MetroBus.

Transit riders who do not have a smartphone or who require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle can take advantage of the program by calling 314-231-2345 to have a Metro Transit specialist assist with scheduling their ride.

Metro customers can use the discount code for a maximum of 40 trips per month during the pilot program, which is currently scheduled to run for three months. For full details of the program, visit

Discounted Lyft Program – Eligible Areas:

  • NORTHEAST ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Connections to #61 Chambers
    • Trampe Road, between Bellefontaine Road and Larimore Road
    • Larimore Road, between Trampe Road and Coal Bank Road
    • Lookaway Drive, to Shepley
    • Spring Garden Drive, between Shepley and Ben Nevis
  • NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Connections to North Hanley Transit Center
    • Woodstock Road, between S. Florissant and Bermuda
    • Bermuda Avenue, between Woodstock and Florissant Road
    • Florissant Road, between Bermuda and University Place
    • Larimore Road, between Trampe Road and Coal Bank Road
  • WEST ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Connections to #94 Page
    • Lackland Road, between Page and Schuetz
    • Schuetz Road, between Lackland and Guelbreth
  • MID-ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Connections to Sunnen MetroLink Station
    • Big Bend Boulevard, between Murdoch and Manchester
  • ST. LOUIS CITY – Connections to Civic Center Transit Center
    • Park Avenue, between Compton and Jefferson
  • SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Connections to Hampton-Gravois Transit Center
    • Heege Road, between MacKenzie and Gravois
  • SOUTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Connections to Multiple Bus Options at South County Center
    • Forder Road, between Lemay Ferry and Telegraph

For more information contact Metro Customer Service at 314-982-1406 or 618-271-7879, 314-207-9786 (TEXT) – Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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