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Metro Fare Audit Findings Show Riders are Paying to Get on Board

More than 93 percent of Metro Transit passengers are paying the valid fare to ride the MetroLink, recent data collected from Metro Platform Fare Audits shows.

Metro Transit initiated weekly fare audits in May as questions arose about how many riders might be evading payment to ride the system. An internal team of supervisors and fare enforcers handles the weekly audit program, which is randomized and occurs at different times of day across MetroLink station platforms in Missouri and Illinois.  Each rider is checked for proof of fare, and those riders with valid fare are then allowed to enter the platform.  More than 7,000 riders have been checked to confirm proof of fare since the audits began on May 22.

According to Metro Transit Public Safety, this audit program not only provides a true representation of fare compliance but also serves as an opportunity to ensure the riding public knows how to purchase a fare and have any other questions they may have as Bi-State customers answered.

“We hear from stakeholders and constituents every day asking how our local transit agency knows if anyone one is paying fare,” said Kim Cella, Executive Director of Citizens for Modern Transit . “This program is one example of how Metro Transit is holding riders accountable for their fare, while also ensuring their processes in place are working. The 93 percent compliance rate is a great start. Even more importantly, fare auditors have reported positive interaction with thousands of riders each week. This is encouraging as we look to build ridership and confidence in the transit system.”


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