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Metro Call-A-Ride Reservation Change Effective July 5

Metro Transit will soon implement a change to the Metro Call-A-Ride reservation period to help reduce reservation wait times, reduce the number of trip cancellations, and provide stronger service to users.

On Friday, July 5, Call-A-Ride trips will be able to be booked a maximum of three days in advance. Previously, customers could call on Fridays and schedule a trip up to five days in advance. That option is going away with the July 5 change.

Metro Transit believes this change will address previous issues, including:

  • Reservations made farther out are more likely to be cancelled
  • Callers making reservations on Friday experience two-times longer hold times waiting to get through
  • Reservations made on Friday take two-times longer to complete
  • There are more customer trip-cancellations each month than Metro Call-A-Ride trip denials
  • Once a trip is cancelled, it is very difficult to schedule a new Metro Call-A-Ride trip into the open availability

Initially, Metro Transit looked to move the reservation window from five days to next-day reservations only. After engaging the disability community in April and receiving over 150 public comments, Metro used that feedback to shape the new reservation period which will allow booking a maximum of three days in advance.

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