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Metro announces on demand text and email updates

Metro announces text messaging and email update notifications to help plan trips on transit.  Adding to their already available line up of tools including Trip Planner, the Metro On The Go mobile app, and their automated phone service.

The new service allows users to text Metro to receive real-time MetroBus information. In addition to travel information, users will receive any Rider Alerts currently impacting that particular MetroBus route.

Riders are required to locate their stop identification number on the MetroBus sign. The four or five-digit number is located on the bottom left of most MetroBus signs. Text the stop identification number to 79322. Responses usually take about a minute to receive the next real-time arrival times for the bus routes that serve that stop. If a route servicing that stop has an active Rider Alert, it will be noted with an asterisk and riders can access a link to learn more about the Rider Alert.

E-mail notifications are also available with additional trip information. Riders should send an email message to, and in the subject line, enter the Stop ID number. Riders will then receive an email detailing the schedule and estimated arrival times associated with that specific bus stop. Estimated real-time arrival times are color-coded per its status of arrival (RED – the bus is behind schedule; BLACK – the bus in on schedule; GREEN – the bus is ahead of schedule).

Metro hopes these tools will improve the transit experience.  Click here for the full article.

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