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Meet CMT Walk Leaders Norm and Joan Krumrey

krumreys3As Citizens for Modern Transit prepares to kick off our 11th year of the Ten Toes Express program, we would like to continue highlighting the outstanding walk leaders that make this program so successful. Many walkers familiar with the program know Norm and Joan Krumrey.

Brentwood residents Norm and Joan Krumrey walk out of the Brentwood station on Wednesday mornings. They are also part of the team of original walk leaders. This will be their 11th year with the program. When asked what they feel the most rewarding part of the being a walk leader is, they point to the friendships they have formed with their walkers and all the interesting places they have been able to tour with their group. They also enjoy exploring many parts of St. Louis, especially The Hill, Forest Park, The Thaxton Speak Easy, The History Museum, Blue Museum, and the Forest Park Culinary College. It’s too difficult to pick just one favorite as there are so many great places on the list!

Why do Norm and Joan think others should consider being walk leaders? They feel it’s a great way to get the “inside story” on many of the fascinating places in our city that you may not have access to outside of group trips. They also love forming friendships while sharing how many St. Louis treasures are accessible by the transit system!

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