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Loop Trolley Company unveils final 2 mile route for project

Just where will the Loop Trolley go and where will you be able to catch it? The Loop Trolley Company and the Loop Trolley Transportation Development District unveiled the final route last week at the Loop Trolley Board of Directors Meeting.

The 2.0 route will run from the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park, north on DeBaliviere until it reaches Delmar where the trolley will head west to a terminus station just past Kingsland Ave. on the north side of Delmar in front of the University City Library. The trolley will run on double track from the Delmar MetroLink Station west to the terminus.  It will run on single track from the Delmar Station east on Delmar in the median until it turns south on DeBaliviere where it will run adjacent to the St. Vincent Greenway until it terminates on the south side of the Missouri History Museum.

There will be 10 stations along the way including:

  1. Kingsland Ave.
  2. LeLand Ave.
  3. Limit Ave.
  4. Live Theatre
  5. MetroLink/Delmar Station
  6. Laurel Ave.
  7. Delmar @ DeBaliviere
  8. Kingsbury Place
  9. MetroLink/Forest Park Station
  10. Missouri History Museum – Forest Park

Loop Trolley FInal route Presentation




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