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Legislative Update on transit issues

The Missouri General Assembly reconvened this week after a week off for spring break. There were several items related to transit funding this week. 


MapofstatefundingfortransitHB 4, containing MoDOT’s budget, was voted out 146-10.  The bill was voted out with transit’s additional $500,000 in tact.  This additional $500,000 would be in addition to the Governor’s recommended $560,000 for public transit which has been at the same level for the last several years.   Thanks to Rep. Stream for requesting this additional funding for transit. The image to the right depicts Missouri’s funding for transit in millions compared to its neighbors.

The Senate Appropriations Committee will begin discussion on the budget next week.  Please contact your Senator and let them know how important additional state funding for public transit is in MO. 

TRANSPORTION PROPOSALS for the proposed one-cent sales tax for transportation in MO

HJR 23  sponsored by Rep.Hinson has not been placed on the House Perfection Calendar yet.  While SJR 16 sponsored by Senator Kehoe has been second read in the House and will likely be referred to committee next week.

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