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Legislative Alert: Multi-Modal amendment to be introduced including TRANSIT

UPDATE as of 4/5/18: Rep. Corlew introduced the multi-modal amendment to HB2540 last evening.  The amendment was defeated by a voice vote. 

Rep. Corlew in partnership with Rep. Ruth will be introducing a multi-modal amendment to HB 2540, which is Rep. Haahr’s bill on tax reform.  This dedicated funding stream for multimodal projects in MO including transit would bolster the State Transportation Fund, the current source of funding for transit at $1.7 million annually for 34 providers. The amendment would capture a portion of the additional revenue generated by entering into the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement with other states.

The amendment calls for the dedication of 15 percent of the additional revenue received for the State Transportation Fund under section 226.225 (multimodal/non-highway funds).  This is estimated to generate $40-50 million annually.

Please consider reaching out to your State Rep to support this amendment and its importance to transit in MO.  Look up your legislator here:
Possible Messaging: Please support the amendment sponsored by Rep. Corlew and Rep. Ruth creating dedicated annual funding for the state multimodal transportation fund.  This will create the first dedicated state funding for much-needed maintenance and updates to Missouri’s public transit systems, ports, airports, freight and passenger rail, bicycling and walking facilities, and other transportation needs vital to Missouri’s economy. It is imperative that MO increase the current investment of $1.7 million for 34 transit providers – supporting this amendment is an investment in the future of MO.

Two possible amendments:

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