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Invitation for City Managers: Design Roundtable on Placemaking and Form Based Codes

The Livable St. Louis Network is hosting a Design Roundtable event called “Placemaking and Form Based Codes.” The Design Roundtable is a new initiative of the Network to bring policymakers of the St. Louis region together with national experts to explore best practices for creating livable communities. 

This Design Roundtable is for city managers only and there is only space for eight to ten city managers. All RSVP and contact information is in the attached invitation.

 This event will be a great opportunity for city managers to learn from their peers and share the barriers their municipality is facing as they work to enhance the quality of life in their communities. Learning about these barriers will inform future Design Roundtables and other capacity building and technical assistance the Livable St. Louis Network provides.

Form Based Code Workshop Registration Brochure

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