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Hundreds participate in CMT Fall Ten Toe Express

CMT’s Ten Toe Express hit some high notes this fall with high participation, increased participation in walking groups, number of special walks and much more. We had 325 seniors sign up for the program, with 78 percent coming from Missouri and 22 percent from Illinois.


The largest number of participants enjoyed the walk to the north riverfront to see the Belcher Bath House with 58 walkers, but there were some close seconds including a trip to IKEA and the Automobile Row on Locust. One of our groups averaged 40 people per walk over the 12 weeks.


We wish to extend a huge thanks to all of our walk leaders who took the time to plan and lead walks including Dan and Meredith O’Connor, Mary Fran Balmer; Norm and Joan Krumrey; Loretta Davis; Mary Blaies, and the Beyond Housing walk leader team!

Next spring will mark the 10 year anniversary of the program. Look for some exciting destinations and registration information in early March.

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