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House committee adds $1million in transit assistance to MoDOT budget

Final BusThe House Appropriations Committee for Revenue, Transportation and Economic Development met Wednesday to pass out the bills for each department budget.  Chairman Lincoln Hough had prepared an amendment to make several changes to MODOT’s budget. 

Many transit supporters including CMT have been pushing for the $1,000,000 core cut to transit assistance recommended by Governor Jay Nixon to be included.   When his amendment was offered it included the $1,000,000 in funding for the transit assistance program.   The amendment was adopted and the bill was voted out of committee.  Representative Sharon Pace, a long time transit supporter, spoke in support of the amendment. 

The appropriation bills will now move to the full House Select Budget Committee.   Below is a link to the full committee. Please consider reaching out to these members and asking them to not only support the Standing Committee’s position in funding the transit assistance program  but also to look at possible funding sources for capital transit projects. The current transportation funding discussion cannot be limited to roads and bridges but must include transit as a key component.


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