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HCR47 passes House and Senate while Transit Funding sustains cuts in Budget

MO transit investment trends 2017After approximately an hour and 45 minutes of debate on the floor of the Senate today, HCR 47 was passed without amendment by a vote of 33-0. This bill sponsored by Rep. Kevin Corlew calls for the formation of a task force to look at Missouri’s Transportation System and funding.  The resolution now goes into effect, no Governor’s signature is required on a resolution. The special task force will be appointed and hold its first meeting by July 10, 2017.

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The Missouri Senate Appropriations Committee upheld the Governor’s and House Committee’s recommendations to cut $500,000 in general revenue for transit operating assistance for next year’s budget.   With that cut, funding will be approximately $1.7 million in State Transportation Fund revenues.  The total budgeted for transit assistance in 2016 was $2.08 million including the Governor’s withhold of $121,500 in General Revenue in the fourth quarter.   This funding is distributed based on a formula among 32 transit providers in MO.

The Senate took the House position and closed the bill.  The bill stayed the same on the Senate floor with  no changes so there will be nothing to discuss in conference since both chambers took the same position – reducing transit funding by an additional $500,000 next year.  Transit funding in Missouri topped $8 million in operating assistance in 2002. Transit funding is going the wrong way in Missouri.

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