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Great Race and Metro Market on track for May 4

greatrace_pc_17Join CMT and AARP St. Louis for the Great Race 2017

Come join in the fun on May 4 at the Wabash Station, 6005 Delmar Blvd., at 4 p.m. as the race between Team MetroLink, Team MetroBus, Team Bike and Team Carshare crosses the Finish Line for a celebration and Metro Market including food, fun and more.

The Metro Market is an opportunity for CMT and AARP St. Louis to continue our placemaking work to create a ‘pop-up’ visual about the opportunities around transit in the St. Louis region including retail, dining and entertainment.

Last Fall, CMT and AARP St. Louis teamed up to host a series of walk audits at key MetroLink Stations – North Hanley, Forest Park and Delmar MetroLink Stations – to consider placemaking around transit.   The goal was to look at the impact of activating these spaces for current and future riders and the implications those changes would have on livability around St. Louis transit stations, including perceptions of safety and security. The lights are now on at the Wabash Station as well as other exterior lighting around the building shedding light on areas around the Delmar Station which were pointed out during the audit process as lending to the negative perceptions of safety. Vegetation facing Des Peres at the station has been thinned as well to create better sight lines. The Metro Market at the historic Wabash Station is one more step in creating a visual “pop-up” of what could be around transit.

Special  thanks to community partners: Washington University, Great Rivers Greenway, and Forest Park Forever. Special thanks to the sponsors of this event: ATU Local 788, CBB, Enterprise Carshare, Metro and St. Louis Regional Chamber.   Look for more info on the event in the coming weeks and email if you would like to be a part of a team.



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