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Grand MetroLink ULI TAP Report Now Available Online

Following the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) technical assistance panel (TAP) on October 30, 2012, a presentation was held in November to discuss the outcomes of the study and address recommendations for potential development around the Grand MetroLink Station. Since completion of the TAP and panel presentation, ULI has put together a report outlining its recommendations to Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) for the Grand station.


The report, now available on the CMT website’s TOD Clearinghouse, offers an analysis of the challenges and opportunities surrounding the recently reconstructed Grand MetroLink station.

It then outlines goals for the short- and long-term, including ways to improve the pedestrian experience as well as three innovative and exciting “bold ideas” for transformative redevelopment of the station and surrounding area.

“We are very excited about the possibilities for the Grand MetroLink Station, and have received a new grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health to look at creating form-based overlay code for the area around the station,”  said Kimberly Cella, CMT Executive Director.

Follow the link below for access to the full report on our website: Grand TAP Report

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