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Give Your Input on Transit Oriented Development online today

East-West Gateway has launched a regional comprehensive TOD Study to explore development opportunities along the 37 MetroLink stations in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

The study team is working  to educate stakeholders concerning the potential for TOD and to develop strategies to encourage economic development around the existing MetroLink stations, including additional retail, residential housing, office, entertainment, and related real estate uses. To learn more about the study, check out our previous blogspot.

Your input is important! Recently, East-West Gateway Council of Governments held a round of information meetings seeking input from the public on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) for the St. Louis Metro region. Information gathered will aid in the development of a Regional TOD Master Plan. You haven’t missed your chance to provide your input: opportunities to stay engaged and share your thoughts are still available through August 31!

For more information, to discuss, and to provide input, click here.

You can also visit here to participate in an online survey!

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