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Funding for Amtrak in jeopardy

Funding for Amtrak is currently under consideration by the Appropriations Committee (Chair, Kurt Schaeffer) to be eliminated from the budget.   The decision will be revealed this coming Tuesday when the committee reconvenes.

Discontinuing Amtrak service on the Kansas City and St. Louis route would mean that Missouri would be obligated to repay $50 million in federal rail infrastructure dollars that have been utilized to relieve bottlenecks and improve on-time performance.   This would include the $30 million for the Osage River Bridge which is currently under contract and work scheduled to begin.

Communities along the route and other advocates for passenger rail need to get vocal now.

It’s possible this may end up being a conference committee topic.  There are several Senators working to preserve Amtrak funding.  Shore up their support with phone calls and emails.


Kurt Schaefer,

Dan Brown,

Will Kraus,

Jim Lembke,

David Pierce,

Ron Richard,

Rob Schaaf,

Shalonn Curls,

Tim Green,


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