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Fall 2018 Ten Toe Walk Leaders Wanted

Ten Toes LogoMore than 8,000 area residents have collectively trekked thousands of miles exploring the St. Louis region through more than 1,200 guided tours.  Currently, there are more than 350 older adults each session, who collectively make up a total of seven different Ten Toes Express Walking Groups. And, new participants sign up each session. To help meet demand, CMT is looking for additional volunteer walk leaders for the Fall 2018 Session, which will kick off on Wednesday, September 5, and run for 12 consecutive weeks.

Each Ten Toes Express Walking Group is led by one or two walk leaders. Individuals, a couple or even a pair of friends can sign up to be leaders. They are then provided with the needed training and tools to be able to guide a group of approximately 10-15 fellow walkers as they explore various St. Louis attractions using public transit and their own ten toes. Walk leaders are able to pick the day of the week for excursions and have their group originate from a transit location convenient to them. The time commitment required to be a walk leader vs. a regular walk group participant is minimal.

To register, send your name, email address and phone number to Kimberly Cella at or call Citizens for Modern Transit at 314-231-7272 or send an email to

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