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“Failure to Act” report from ASCE highlights need for public transit investment

Every few years, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) evaluates and grades the state of the nation’s infrastructure. In ASCE’s 2013 report card, the United States received a “D” grade for public transportation infrastructure, primarily due to the lack of investment in public transit. This is the same rating the country received on the last ASCE public transit evaluation, four years ago.

Further details on the findings of the study and the reasons for the low rating are available in the ASCE’s full report, aptly titled “Failure to Act, the Impact of Current Infrastructure Investment on America’s Economic Future.” Click here to access the ASCE 2013 Report Card on America’s Infrastructure.napta-train-rain

The “Failure to Act” report emphasizes that the American economy lost $90 billion in 2010 due to the lack of investment in public transportation and that there is still a staggering 45% of Americans without access to transit. And while the negative rating of public transit infrastructure in the U.S. is troublesome, there is hope that positive change could result. The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) hopes that this report will “provide a sense of urgency for our nation to focus on increased investment in public transportation.” Public transit ridership has been increasing across the U.S., with a total increase of 9.1% over the last ten years. Many cities, including St. Louis, have seen record high ridership levels in recent years. Let’s hope that this growing trend in favor of public transit will help to spur investment and growth, and get the country a better grade next time!

Click here to watch an ASCE video highlighting how investment in public transit impacts America.

Originally reported by NAPTA.


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