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Executive Director Kim Cella Featured on KTRS Radio

On November 29th, 2018, Citizens for Modern Transit’s Executive Director, Kim Cella, spoke to Jay Kanzler of the Big 550 KTRS Radio about public transportation and safety and security on the MetroLink system.  Kanzler and Cella discussed a range of topics over the nearly 15 minute long interview.  Cella gave a brief history of the organization and some of the programs and advocacy work that CMT has been and is currently involved in.  Cella described the current work being done in the region to address safety and security concerns and the public perception of safety and security.  Kanzler late invited a caller on to ask questions that Cella answered on air.

Cella iterated the public’s desire for a safe and secure system and what the current opportunities to make improvements in that capacity.  Kanzler agreed that the system is safer than it is perceived to be, and also agreed that there is room for improvement.  Kanzler wrapped up the interview with a recommendation of implementing some of the solutions proposed through out the interview.


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