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Election Day Presents Opportunities for Transportation Investment

Nineteen transportation measures will be on the ballot in 12 different states tomorrow, offering voters an opportunity to invest in their communities by investing in transportation.  A variety of transportation projects will be on the ballot across the country, including a number of measures specifically targeted at financing public transit expansion.  Los Angeles, Memphis, and Orange County, NC are just a few places with major transportation investments depending on the results of Election Day.

The prospect of success for these measures is promising, according to research from the Center for Transportation Excellence (CFTE).  2012 is already setting records for ballot-box success on transporation issues by passing 85% of the 39 measures that have gone before voters so far this year.  The long-term (since 2000) success rate for transportation ballot measures stands at 70%, which is roughly twice that of other ballot measures.  Support for public transit investment has also been consistantly strong over the past several years, despite the political climate of deficit reduction and spending cuts.

A free webinar co-sponsored by CFTE and National Alliance of Public Transit Advocates (NAPTA) will be held this Thursday, November 8 at with an analysis of the election results.

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