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East-West Gateway to Host Virtual Open House on the Transportation Equity

The East-West Gateway Council of Governments is offering a virtual open house on  the Transportation Equity Analysis. The Analysis  dives into the region’s past and present to determine which parts of the region have been served well by transportation decisions and investments and which have not in an effort to chart a path for a more equitable future transportation system that serves every St. Louisan’s transportation needs.

Learn more about East-West Gateway’s Transportation Equity Analysis and share your feedback by participating in this Virtual Open House, open now until November 4th. This virtual open house features videos covering:

  • An overview of how we define transportation equity
  • A history of transportation investments in our region
  • Data on how our transportation system is meeting the needs of all communities
  • And preliminary recommendations for improving transportation equity

Click the link below to visit the Virtual Open House.

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