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Don’t miss CMT’s Great Race 2015: A Relay to the Rails

greatrace_graphicAfter hosting three, highly successful Great Race competitions placing Team TRANSIT, Team BIKE, Team CARSHARE and Team CARPOOL in a head-to-head competition to see which commuters could get from Point A to Point B the fastest during the evening rush via their respective transportation modes, Citizens for Modern Transit is excited to announce a new twist for the coming year. On Thursday, May 21, we are looking to host CMT’s Great Race 2015: A Relay to the Rails. It will integrate biking, carsharing, carpooling and transit as the teams race to the final destination in downtown St. Louis. This new approach will help to raise awareness about the viable alternative transportations options that exist, demonstrate how seamlessly these modes can be integrated together, and for the first time, enable the organization to extend this event into the Metro East.

More specifically, the competition will place two teams against one another. One team will bike and carshare to the Shrewsbury MetroLink, meet additional teammates and take the train to the finish line downtown. The other team will bike and carpool to one of the Belleville MetroLink stations, meet additional teammates and then take the train to the finish line downtown. The teams will start at the same time, and whichever group gets to the finish line first wins. The race will culminate with a happy hour celebration near the MX in downtown St. Louis.

We are currently in the midst of contacting media personalities, local dignitaries and representatives from organizations to take part in this year’s event.

Sponsorships are available at the Gold Level ($5,000), Silver Level ($3,000) and Bronze Level ($1,000). Incentives vary according to the level of commitment and are outlined in the attached form.

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor, please contact Sponsorships must be confirmed prior to March 20, 2015, to ensure inclusion in the event’s marketing materials.

Remember, all sponsorships and gifts to CMT are tax deductible.



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