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Developers Have Opportunity to Weigh in on St. Louis City Strategic Land Use Plan for Future

The City of St. Louis will be hosting a roundtable discussion for local developers to weigh on opportunities across St. Louis on Wednesday, April 24 from 2-3:30p on Zoom.  This will be a great opportunity to weigh in on opportunities and challenges in St. Louis around transit stops and stations as well as land use.

The City of St. Louis is embarking on a holistic update to the City’s Strategic Land Use Plan, which is the City’s comprehensive plan for future land use and development. There’s more information here on the project website.  For this roundtable, the City is hoping to hear from people involved in local development about the trends, challenges, and opportunities across St. Louis. We’ll share a bit about the process and early ideas for the next version of the land use plan, and seek feedback from the group. This conversation is just the first, and later this year, they will host follow-up conversations.

Registration for the roundtable is available here:

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