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County Council looking at Metro’s annual appropriation

The St. Louis County Council is currently looking at Metro’s annual appropropriation collected from mass transit sales taxes that County residents supported .  The County’s appropriations makes up more than 40 percent of Metro’s FY12 budget. 

As supporters of public transit, we are asking CMT members and friends to contact your representative on the Council on the importance of public transit to St. Louis County and the need to fund the appropriation at the full amount. 

 St. Louis County Transportation Talking Points

Below is a sample letter/email:

Dear Councilman XXXXX:

Transportation is key to moving St. Louis County forward. With the introduction of Metro’s appropriations bill to the Council, you will be looking at funding for transportation at the local level.  Local transit tax funds are especially important as Congress looks at reducing federal transportation funding. I urge you to support stable funding for Metro as it provides an integral service to your constituents in St. Louis County. 

St. Louis County voters approved a ½ cent sales tax referendum in April 2010 to support Metro transit by a significant majority at 63 percent of the vote in a down economy. Voters taxed themselves for public transit services in St. Louis County. This was on top of a quarter-cent sales tax that passed in St. Louis County in 1994.  Not appropriating the full funding amount undermines the hard work and desires of County constituents.  St. Louis County needs transit. It provides access to jobs and is a catalyst for economic growth and development. Transit funding is not an option, it is a necessity.

St. Louis led the country in increases in bus ridership (15.6% – the highest increase in U.S.) and light rail ridership (8.2% – top 10 in U.S.) for first quarter of 2012.  In addition, more than 60 percent of Metro’s Missouri service mileage falls within the boundaries of St. Louis County and more than 55 percent of its service hours fall within St. Louis County.

I urge you to continue supporting 100 percent of the transportation dollars raised to be appropriated to Metro. Not appropriating the full funding amount undermines the hard work and desires of your constituents.  Residents of St. Louis County need transit. According to the American Public Transit Association, for every $1 invested in transit there is a $4 return for the region. Transit funding is not an option, it is a necessity. Thank you for support on this matter.



St. Louis County Council Contact Information:

 Mailing address:  St. Louis County Council, St. Louis County, 41 S. Central, Clayton, MO 63105

District 1, Hazel Erby: 314-615-5436;

District 2, Kathleen Kelly Burkett: 314-615-5437;,

District 3, Coleen Wasinger: 314-615-5438;

District 4, Michael O’Mara: 314-615-5439;

District 5, Pat Dolan: 314-615-5441;

District 6, Steve Stenger: 314-615-5442;

District 7, Greg Quinn: 314-615-5443;


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