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Cost of Car Ownership on the Rise; Time to Give Transit a Try?

Due to rising gas prices, significant maintenance, finance, and insurance costs, and higher purchase prices due to a variety of supply chain issues, the annual cost of car ownership continues to climb.  According to AAA, the annual cost of new-car ownership rose 13% from last year to more than $12,000.  Personal vehicles now account for 16% of median household income, one of the largest household expenses along with food, childcare, and housing.  With the cost of food and other goods continuing to increase and interest rates climbing, consumers are looking for ways to save.

St. Louis’ robust public transit system offers commuters a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly commuting option and Citizens for Modern Transit’s Try & Ride Program is the perfect way for commuters in the St. Louis region to test drive MetroLink and MetroBus for free.  CMT’s comprehensive, award-winning program provides participants with personalized transit routes, tips and tricks for using transit, complimentary transit tickets for one month and more – all giving riders time to test and learn the system.  The program requires riders to commit to utilizing the bus or train for one additional month at their own expense for a total of two months.  To learn more and register for the Try & Ride Program visit:

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