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Consider A Year-End Contribution in Celebration of 40 Years of Transit Advocacy

As the region’s transit advocacy organization, Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) works to champion, challenge and encourage the advancement of public transit access to better connect communities, promote equity and drive economic growth. The organization’s vision, tenacity and extraordinary leadership also plays a fundamental role in helping to maintain a safe, integrated and affordable transportation system for the St. Louis region. To keep our momentum going, we rely on the generosity of supporters like you and are asking you to consider making a year-end contribution in celebration of our 40th Anniversary.

In recognition of this exciting four-decade milestone, we are focusing on “The Why” behind public transit use and the need for accessibility, expansion, funding and our advocacy efforts.

For some, “the why” is because they use transit to get to school, have loved ones who are transit operators, or employ individuals who depend on transit to get to work. Others might frequent downtown sports and entertainment venues, and while they have a car, they shun paying the parking prices or waiting for Uber or Lyft.

For CMT, “the why” is understanding that transit is the sole means by which many can access jobs, healthcare and necessities – and that it has a more than $3.6 billion economic impact on our state. So, whether people choose to utilize transit or not, everyone in the region needs to understand the significant role it plays in making the St. Louis region a viable one.

As we head into 2024, we will be working to increase community collaboration and support for transit at the regional and state levels, rebuild ridership numbers, help address supply chain issues and labor shortages, further safety and security efforts, support expansion efforts and continue to create programming that helps ease rider usability.

In order to do this, we need your help. Please consider making a special 40th Anniversary year-end, tax deductible gift today by mail or online. Your donation will go a long way towards furthering our efforts and make a lasting impact on public transit for decades to come. If you are interested in sharing “the why” behind your support of transit, please email me at


Kimberly M. Cella, Executive Director of Citizens for Modern Transit

Make a special 40th Anniversary year-end gift today


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