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Congress passes FY 2014 Budget including funding for TIGER

capitol hillCongress has passed legislation that would fund the Federal government thru the rest of FY 2014. The legislation was approved by both chambers and now needs the President’s signature. The bill fully funds MAP-21, the two-year transportation bill. This legislation comes just 9 months before the expiration of MAP-21.

Federal Highways Administration

  • The legislation provides an obligation limitation of $40.256 billion in FY 2014, as per the MAP-21.

Federal Transit Administration

  • The final bill provides $8.595 billion for Federal Transit Administration formula grants in fiscal year 2014, which is the amount authorized by the MAP-21. The New starts and Small starts program received $1.9 billion, which is higher than in previous years.


  • Funding for the TIGER surface transportation grants were provided with Congress appropriating $600 million for FY 2014, significantly higher than the $454 million appropriated in FY 2013.


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