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Congress approves funding bill with increase funding for Transit

Congress approved an Omnibus bill for the 2018 fiscal year that runs through Sept. 30 last week and included billions of dollars in additional funds for federal-aid highway, transit, rail and transportation grant programs. The House voted 256-167 on March 22 to approve it, and the Senate followed early the next morning in a vote of 65 to 32. President Trump signed the measure into law March 23.  In all, lawmakers approved $7.8 billion in new spending on Department of Transportation-administered infrastructure programs compared with levels enacted for 2017.

Highway and transit programs would be able to tap the higher full-year 2018 funding levels provided under the 2015 FAST Act, as well as billions more that lawmakers provided in infrastructure funding.

It provides a $1 billion increase – to $1.5 billion – for the USDOT’s TIGER project grants, $800 million more in transit formula funding and a $232 million increase to $2.6 billion for transit construction grants.  Lawmakers increased Federal Transit Administration funding by $1.066 billion from 2017, and included higher amounts than required by the FAST Act for several programs.

The new bill provides $400 million for FTA state-of-good-repair formula grants, $400 million for bus and bus facilities grants, and $30 million for high density state apportionments.

Here is a bill summary:

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