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Congratulations Dump the Pump Winner, Tina Totty!

Citizens for Modern Transit hosted a contest on June 21, 2012 last week to gather submission stories of how St. Louisans “Dumped the Pump” that day.  Congratulations to the winner, Tina Totty, for the best “Dump the Pump” story turned in. Tina is the winner of a month-long Metro pass for July, which she can use for unlimited rides on MetroLink and MetroBus.


Tina said, “I started taking Metro Bus/Train in February of 2006 and continue to use it today. 6 years ago I could no longer afford the Payment/Gas/Insurance/Upkeep of my vehicle. Then I walked about 1/2 mile to the bus stop every day to catch my bus to the train to another bus to get out to Westport. Today, I am in the Construction industry and still take it to my assigned job site (All over the Metro St Louis are). I have learn to use the commute as my “down time” to read, make To-Do lists, text/email friends/family I haven’t been able to spend time with. I lucked out in that that bus route I use goes right past a grocery store. I just hop off, get what I need, hop back on and head home. I breathe easier knowing I spend $70ish a month on a ALL INCLUSIVE (EVERYDAY Bus/Train) Pass. It is SO MUCH better than spending $70ish a couple times a week to commute to/from wherever I need.”


Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a story.  We are so happy to see that people are not only choosing alternative modes of transit for their commute, but thoroughly enjoying the switch!

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