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Commuters Encouraged to “Dump the Pump” and Save on June 20

Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is teaming up with the St. Clair County Transit District and Metro Transit, in conjunction with National “Dump the Pump” Day on June 20 to encourage area commuters to take transit instead of driving and begin benefitting from the many cost-savings associated with taking the MetroLink and/or MetroBus.

Commuters who are new to transit may register for one of 100 free monthly transit passes for the month of July, available to those interested in trying out the public transit system for their school or work commute.

According to the American Public Transit Association, transit riders can save more than $13,000 per year by using public transit instead of driving when accounting for the latest information on public transit fares, auto costs, and gasoline prices.  Since 2019, the average cost of purchasing new and used vehicles has increased 30 and 40 percent respectively.

Transit ambassadors will be at the Grand MetroLink Station, Grand Ave. MetroBus Stops and Fairview Heights Transit Center from 7 to 8:30 am on June 20 handing out ‘100 Grand’ candy bars with information that will allow commuters to calculate the cost savings associated with taking public transit.  A few lucky transit riders will find a sticker on their candy bar letting them know they are the winner of a grand prize package including t-shirt, passes and more.

“Dump the Pump. Try Transit for Free” is part of the partnering organizations’ ongoing efforts to interact with riders, strengthen relationships and reinforce their collective commitment to a safe, comfortable, customer-focused transit experience.

Questions?  Reach out to CMT at or 314-231-7272.


New to transit?  Register for a July monthly pass here.


Rules and Regulations

CMT reserves the right to deny any application for any reason. In addition, any incomplete registrations will not be processed.

This program is only available to individuals who do not currently take transit for their work or school commutes. Limit of 2 individual registrants per household address; no other registrants per house/apartment allowed during this time period. If for any reason, CMT suspects abuse of the program, all registrations will be denied.

Fraudulent registrations resulting in abuse of the program, including resale of passes, may result in civil and criminal penalties.

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