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Coming Soon: ZIMRIDE — A new way to navigate the first & last mile of your commute!

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ZIMRIDE — A new way to navigate the first and last mile of your commute!


What  is Zimride?

Zimride helps you find your ideal route via transit and/or ridesharing. Simply enter your starting place, destination, and time frame on the Zimride website, and find out whether transit or ridesharing are good options for you.

If transit isn’t the best option, or is difficult to get to, Zimride helps you find others who have a similar trip and alerts them to the available carpool option. Instant ride-match, then zoom to your destination via Zimride!

Why is Citizens for Modern Transit partnering with Zimride?

While the St. Louis region has a solid public transit system, it is still difficult for some people to get to a transit hub in order to efficiently and conveniently use public transit for their work or school commute. Zimride is one way of bridging the gap between  home, work, or school, and the public transit that helps reduce congestion on our roads and ensure healthier air quality.

People can use Zimride to make the crucial transfers between home and transit station, transit station and home, that often present a barrier to using public transportation.

Employers can also bring Zimride to their worksite as an exciting employee benefit. Employees are able to find rides to and from public transit stations, or a carpool for their daily commute. In turn, companies can relieve parking congestion, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve sustainability.

How is Zimride different than Uber or Lyft?

While ride-hailing services like Uber of Lyft can help meet transportation needs, those services require drivers to be self-employed transportation service providers who are on call for single point-to-point trips. With Zimride, drivers use the Zimride network to share rides along their own commutes, school runs, or trips to the store. In addition, Zimride offers communities their best transit choice too!

Zimride encourages every seat in a car to be filled, and can effectively be leveraged to reduce the number of Single-Occupant Vehicles on the road. As a bonus, congestion and pollution can be mitigated. Zimride users can also track their individual greenhouse gas emission reduction based on their new transportation choices!

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