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CMT Celebrated 35th Annual Meeting on Sept. 19 with Keynote from Bi-State CEO Taulby Roach

Citizens for Modern Transit celebrated its 35th Annual Meeting on Sept. 19 with emphasis on Transit’s Promise to the Region of accessibility, economic opportunity and stronger communities.  “Public transit in the St. Louis region is a PROMISE. A promise for access and equality, job creation, building stronger economies and furthering the vibrancy of local neighborhoods. The strength of the local system is a result of the unwavering commitment of many local leaders, businesses and CMT’s board, chairs and friends,” said CMT Executive Director Kim Cella in her opening remarks.

As a part of the event, Bi-State Development President and CEO Taulby Roach delivered the keynote address on the future of transit in the region.  Roach discussed his personal stake and interest in improving the public transportation landscape in the St. Louis region citing his daily commute and described the MetroLink system as part of his neighborhood.  Watch his keynote below and tell us why public transportation in St. Louis is important to you by sending us an email at

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