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CMT Wraps Up FY19 on High Note with Promise for Transit

largegroup2-minTRANSIT: A Promise for Accessibility, Economic Opportunity and Stronger Communities

Public transit goes well beyond the ride. It provides accessibility to jobs, education, and healthcare. It promotes social equality. It positions the region for growth. It promises an economic return.

Each of these declarations underscores the difference transit is making in our local communities. It’s what has fueled the mission of Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) for the past 35 years and what will continue to motivate the organization as it moves into tomorrow.

Since CMT’s establishment in 1985, the organization has grown to represents more than 22,000 constituents, including transit riders, major employers, academic institutions and labor and community organizations. CMT serves as a strong and effective voice on transit-related matters and is continually working to establish, support and enhance programming and initiatives to help further public transportation. The organization’s vision, tenacity, and extraordinary leadership continues to play a fundamental role in maintaining a safe, integrated and affordable transportation system for the St. Louis region.

Throughout FY2019, transit stayed at the center of many regional discussions. Safety and security remained top priorities and expansion plans were made possible in Illinois. Community engagement partnerships were also established, while new developments moved forward along MetroLink and the economic impact of transit on communities across the state was explored. The organization closed out the year on a high note with the launch of the first-ever College Transit Challenge and a grant award to build programming for ridership on the St. Louis system.

As we head into FY2020, CMT will focus on three key areas of opportunity: increasing collaboration and support for transit at both the regional and state levels, rebuilding ridership numbers and maintaining the organization’s financial stability. We also look forward to working alongside regional leaders as they prepare to make important decisions tied to the future of transit.

Be a part of the promise. Join us.

June McAllister Fowler
Chair, CMT Board of Directors

Kimberly M. Cella
Executive Director, CMT


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