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CMT Welcomes Centene Foundation as New Program Sponsor

Citizens for Modern Transit is pleased to welcome the Centene Foundation as a sponsor of the CMT Ten Toe Express® Fall program, along with long time sponsor AARP® in St. Louis. The Centene Foundation, a private nonprofit focused on investing in economically challenged communities, is the philanthropic arm of Centene.

The CMT Ten Toe Express® program has successfully introduced more than 8,000 individuals to the St. Louis region’s public transit system since its start in 2007. By participating in the CMT Ten Toe Express® program, participants are shown the system by experienced users and can become comfortable using it themselves, whether using it to commute to work, to medical appointments, or to visit friends and family.

The fall session will kick off on August 28. Registration events will begin in July. Dates include July 31, August 2, 6, 14, 20, and 23.

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