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CMT Try & Ride memorable moments on Metro!

The Lawrence Group Try & Ride Challenge Team giving transit a try for the work commute with CMT
The Lawrence Group Try & Ride Challenge Team giving transit a try for the work commute with CMT

With more than 900 new transit riders for the Try & Ride program and more coming in daily, we are always eager to hear about people’s experiences.  The first and second month surveys have been providing excellent feedback that we’d like to share.

In total, about 63% of the respondents shared positive experiences, only 10% shared negative experiences, and 22% were indifferent.  All in all, it’s been a pretty good experience.  We hope you enjoy some of our favorite comments.

  • the reliability and ease of use
  • I was running late, and the bus driver was at the stop waiting for me.
  • Meeting a friend on metro link
  • Watching the sun rise and set among the cityscape is very beautify. I love looking out the window of the MetroLink, seeing all that is passing.
  • I met a man at my bus stop who has similar interests.
  • How relaxing it was
  • Riding the metro bus and people were actually sticking together and laughing, no violence at all
  • The pleasure of the walk home after work.
  • Meeting new people
  • Sight seeing
  • Arriving on time for work
  • I just enjoy the ride in the mornings and have thoughts to myselfI’m 15 so I like the being able to get around by myself.
  • Having more time to read for enjoyment!
  • The Diversity and Unity at the Mike Brown Protest.
  • Bus driver went out of way to accommodate me when I had a lot of groceries. Awesome customer service!
  • Seeing the Rams and Cards fans in the train. Also people told me about the Christmas train I look forward to riding
  • taking the train and the bus to the mall after work
  • Running into people I know from my community!
  • Everyone that I’ve met has been very nice and friendly. When I tell them that I’m new to STL, they give me ideas of where to visit with my kids and what bus to take.
  • The sense of camaraderie brought on by shared experiences.
  • I’ve had fun on social media with people following me, liking and favoring my posts.
  • Taking the bus to the zoo with my daughter
  • When jogging to catch the next train someone asked me which train it was and I knew it was the blue line without even looking, I felt like a regular urban commuter that does this every day. Mostly its been a nice stress free commute.
  • I was coming from a concert and I got to sing along with fellow concert goers! Amazing!
  • On a few occasions I’ve caught a later train into work, I have seen the train operator interact with a few regular riders and it was nice to see the positive interaction. Also, I have seen riders go out of their way to assist elderly or disabled people onto/into the train. Very great!
  • Taking the 30 and observing a nice gentleman (though he was probably older than I realized) help a mother with her two babies plus a stroller get on board. He lost his seat in the process but I don’t think he minded.
  • I didnt know so many people from my job and in st louis that used the system. The amount of people was a great surprise!
  • I saw Ted Nugent’s doppleganger!
  • The driver made sure I got exactly where I needed to be


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