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CMT to host Commuter Happy Hour at North Hanley Station

 In the last five years, transit use has increased faster than any other mode of transportation, yet many St. Louisans still shy away from it because of the fear of the unknown. To combat this issue, Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is hosting a “Commuter Happy Hour” event to reinforce the system’s ease of usability and benefits. All area residents, including longtime MetroLink users and potential new riders, are invited to stop by the North Hanley MetroLink Station, located at 4398 Hanley Road at the overpass of I-70, on Wednesday, Oct. 10 anytime between 4 and 6 p.m. for the fun-filled, evening rush event.

Taking transit really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You select your route, purchase your fare and sit back and relax. The system is very user-friendly. We find that after individuals try transit for the first time, they are more eager to use it for their workday commutes, and to get to and from ball games, concerts and doctors appointments and to run errands.

The “Commuter Happy Hour” event will feature food, games, music courtesy of Y98, transit benefit information and the opportunity to register for CMT’s Guaranteed Ride Home program, which is a free incentive that serves as a safety net for those who take transit, bike or walk to work by providing an assured and immediate ride home in case an emergency situation arises.  Commuters who stop by for five minutes will reap the extra rewards of using transit.

In September, CMT hosted “Commuter Happy Hour” events at both the Belleville and Shrewsbury MetroLink stations, successfully registering over 250 commuters for its Guaranteed Ride Home program.

To learn more about CMT’s “Commuter Happy Hour” events and the Guaranteed Ride Home program, visit or call 314-231-7272.


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