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CMT & the St. Louis Green Business Challenge Focus on CarSharing in St. Louis

Enterprise Luncheon 3CMT and the St. Louis Green Business Challenge presented a panel discussion on the ins and outs of CarSharing in St. Louis on Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Jean Ponzi of the St. Louis Green Business Challenge and Missouri Botanical Gardens introduced the Green Business Challenge and the benefits to companies for participating.  She highlighted that companies involved with Carsharing score points in the challenge, which was a great segway into Melissa Baningan’s presentation, from Enterprise CarShare, about how CarShare works, its benefits, and St. Louis employers can get involved.  Following the Enterprise presentation, Phil Valko from Washington University provided an employer’s perspective on experiencing great success with CarSharing on their campus.

carshareboard“Carsharing is just one more tool in the employer toolkit to increase ridership on our transit system and help employers go green.  Enterprise Carshare is a great way to answer the ‘what if’ question for taking transit – what if I have a meeting offsite? what if I have personal errands? What is even better, CMT members have their carshare registration fee waived,” said Kim Cella, Executive Director of CMT.

Presentations from the Carshare Lunch.

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