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CMT Releases RFP for Planning/Coordination of N. Hanley Placemaking Project

Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) and AARP in St. Louis are now focusing on the North Hanley Transit Center which will be the location of its next transformation project in partnership with Bi-State Development/Metro Transit.  CMT is now seeking a team to be responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing the N. Hanley Transit program vision in partnership with CMT, AARP in St. Louis and Metro Transit.

Work products will include the following tasks:

  • Coordinate the concept plan to County staff and transit agency as property owners and refine based on comments and concerns. Assist with needs for permitting.
  • Create a plan view rendering of the project, materials list, street cross-section, cost estimates, and possible product acquisition for the project.
  • Create a staging plan and installation checklist that guides volunteer and team roles in mobilizing and delivering the final concept including coordination of all partners.

Full RFP is available here.

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