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CMT releases RFP for Mobile App Creation

Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT) is requesting the services of a mobile app developer for assistance with its new grant to build ridership on the system.

CMT is undertaking a two-year education campaign, which will include a safety and security campaign including a demonstration project, partnership collaboration and rider/community engagement.

In addition, the program will include the launch of a new alternative transportation incentive program – Save Your Commute. CMT is seeking a developer to assist with these efforts in planning, executing and maintaining a mobile app associated with this campaign.

The mobile app developer must deliver best-in-class user interface and experience based on industry standards, regardless of project size. Consultant will also be responsible for debugging and maintenance of the mobile app.

All proposals submitted in response to a CMT request for proposal (RFP) will initially be evaluated using the following criteria (each weighted equally):

  1. Qualifications of person/firm conducting the work
  2. Proposal Quality
  3. Product samples – samples provided and/or on firm website need to be relevant to work being asked to be completed.

Once the proposals are narrowed down to the top candidates using these criteria, the final selection will be determined with consideration to price and the above criteria. The proposal providing the best value to the project will be selected.

CMT will award the work to the responsible firm whose proposal is most advantageous to the project, with price and other factors considered.  CMT reserves the right to reject any proposals deemed non-responsive to the RFP. CMT reserves the right to reject all proposals if the competitive process is not met and may reissue the RFP with or without changes.

Click here to review the full request for proposal.

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